1. Self Help Fest presented by A Day To Remember is coming up next month on March 22! Ticket info is available at www.selfhelpfest.com


  2. Tonight in Cardiff

    We apologize for the untimely announcement but due to Jeremy falling ill, we unfortunately have to postpone tonight’s show in Cardiff. After seeing a doctor this afternoon we knew there would be no way he could perform tonight. Please stay tuned for further updates as we work to reschedule this show.


  3. The Official Music Video for “Right Back At It Again” Enjoy!


  4. Self Help Festival

    We are playing @SelfHelpFest on 3/22 in San Bernadino, CA VIP Tickets on pre-sale now! SelfHelpFest.com




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    A Day To Remember - Another Song About The Weekend


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    This is my favorite gif in existence 

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    A Day To Remember | All I Want


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    I need you here tonight